The Game

Football Tycoon lets you take things into your own hands. Create your own football club from scratch, starting as a tiny 4th division league team and gradually making it to the top of the Premier League. From now, you will be the one who makes all the decisions – hire and fire managers, improve your team’s facilities and stadiums, negotiate player transfers, sign sponsorship contracts and more...


As a football tycoon, you will be forced to take cold, hard money management decisions. Will you sign on the latest soccer superstar for your team’s next season, or upgrade your training facilities for the team’s greater good? With live matches, clicker fundraising and training challenges against the clock that will make your adrenaline rush.
  • Fast-paced and addictive gameplay

    Build your football club from scratch - become the ultimate sports businessman. Generate money, make investments and get donations to advance your FC’s value.
  • Club's training facilities

    Build and upgrade top football training facilities such as a gym, spa, youth academy, clinic and more...
  • Build a state of the art Stadium

    Construct and enhance a fully featured soccer stadium facility that includes food & beverage stands, memorabilia shops and more for the benefit of your ultras.
  • Smile all the way to victory!

    Maintain your team’s fitness and happiness levels by striking the right decisions. Spoil your players with spa treatments, casino and strip club visits to boost their morale!
  • Become The Champion

    Rise from the bottom of the 4th division to the top of the premier league and participate in the Champions Cup.


Andrew Sullivan
"I just love this game (but my wife hates it - lol)! Can't wait to reach the Premier League. 5 Stars!"
Ronny Farringdon
"Brilliant game and well addictive. An amazing new twist on the beautiful game."


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